Cleaning Your Cell Phone

Cell phones can get pretty dirty. Every time you talk on one, a thin film of face grease will undoubtedly appear upon call completion. Thus, whenever I talk on my phone, I usually just wipe it a few times on my pants before inserting it back in my pocket. Sometimes, I’ll go all out when cleaning my phone; I’ll bust out the laptop screen wipes or maybe some rubbing alcohol. In general, however, cleaning your cell phone is usually a pretty mundane affair. So why write about it?

Well, I just thought I’d let everyone know that the laundry machine is not intended for cell phone cleaning. It may seem like a novel idea, considering the cell phone could already be in your pants, one step away from that slowly rising sudsy water — but resist the temptation. I, unfortunately, threw a pair of pants in the washer this morning, which was, even more unfortunately, housing my cell phone. It won’t turn on now.