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Really, the title says it all. More »


After Googling around and trying various solutions, I took my Macbook into an Apple store to get a CD unstuck. The solution was pretty simple. Actually, I couldn’t find it anywhere on the web, so I thought I should share it here. More »

Here’s another YouTuber that will blow your mind. More »

I had to take my laptop this weekend for some repairs; as much as I love coffee and computers, the two really shouldn’t meet unsupervised. More »

Google rolled out it’s new Google Reader today with Google+ integration. It’s pretty, but I’ve got a big gripe. More »

Steve Jobs passed away tonight. He was a visionary that defined modern technology. More »

Amazon just finished revealing their new tablet, the Kindle Fire. First off, it’s $199, while the cheapest iPad starts at $500. I wasn’t very interested in a tablet other than for extra real estate for reading. At $199, the Kindle Fire is priced low enough to pique my curiosity. More »

In college, I held a part time job and my first big purchase was a pair of headphones, Sennheiser’s HD595. I wore them everywhere. In summer, I’d wear them as I walked to class. In winter, they would serve a dual purpose: headphone and earmuff. I just loved the sound so they stayed on my head. In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have taken them everywhere, but even after the braving the heat and cold, they still sound great. More »

There have been mumblings about the web about this new website called ‘Pottermore‘. Today, J.K. Rowling unveiled more info. More »

With all of the lovely weather the east coast has been getting, I’ve been trying to get out more. When spring sprung, I was using the iMapMyRun app. Not that long ago, Nike+ decided to make their app free. So after using both for a handful of runs, I’ve decided to compare the two. More »


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