Thoughts on the Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon just finished revealing their new tablet, the Kindle Fire. First off, it’s $199, while the cheapest iPad starts at $500. I wasn’t very interested in a tablet other than for extra real estate for reading. At $199, the Kindle Fire is priced low enough to pique my curiosity. More »

War Against Analog

At work, I try my absolute hardest to stay as digital as I can. Yet I always tend to keep a notebook or pad of paper around to jot the random things that tend to just pop into my mind. If I had my way, I’d just use my laptop for these random “ah-ha!” moments. However, being an engineer, it usually involves some kind of drawing or equation. Hence, I don’t use my laptop for notes. There was a point where I tried, but it was just too cumbersome, and the only benefit was being able to command+F and search for things.

I got excited when Gizmodo put up some information on this tablet that’s been floating around the internet (now known and JooJoo). Much to my dismay, however, it seems to just be a terminal server onto the internet, and not anything like the Courier. But I’m waiting for Apple to unveil their supposed tablet. I’ve slowly migrated away from Microsoft to Apple, and I just don’t want to go back, no matter how shiny Windows 7 is.

Someone just needs to make my all digital dreams come true, and pronto. This paper stuff is getting in the way.