Ellie and the Nor’easter

The vid above is of Ellie battling the winter elements just to go to the bathroom. According to my office mate, the winter storm that’s currently battering Maryland is called a Nor’easter. It’s basically when two air masses from Canada and Mexico converge and a storm results. Apparently these storms can just sit on the coast for a few days, but this one is only supposed to be here for the rest of today.

The funny part is that I’ve been getting emails from Roundtop telling me to go skiing because of all the snow. While it would be a lot of fun to do in all this light puffy snow, I don’t think I’m going to be leaving the apartment today.

Oh, and here’s a squirrel braving the snow for whatever reason.

January Resolution – Skiing

To fulfill this month’s “uncomfortable thing”, I took Linda skiing this weekend. Neither of us have been skiing before, so it was definitely a learning experience. While I haven’t been skiing, I went snowboarding once. Having tried both now as a first timer, I have to say that skiing > snowboarding.

I went snowboarding for the first time last year. I flew out to Los Angeles for work, where my sister lives, and she and her husband took me snowboarding. They were by no means experts, they learned how earlier that winter, but they had been going frequently enough that they had their own gear. So they took me along and taught me how to get around, how to get on the chair lift, etc etc. I had a great time. I also fell. A lot.

Skiing, on the other hand, came to me so much easier than snowboarding. One of the hardest parts about snowboarding is getting around on level ground. Having the board strapped to you, and stepping around is incredibly awkward. On skis, while side stepping up a hill is awkward when you first learn it, it’s exponentially easier than walking with a snow board. I fell a total of one time while learning to ski; I was standing still, and started to move, but didn’t realize that my skis were on top of each other. So I stumbled and fell. Regardless, I fell a total of one time while learning how to ski as opposed to falling many many times learning to snowboard. The only advantage of snowboarding, imo, is that snowboarding boots are easier to walk around in.

I bought a beginners package from work for Roundtop, which included rental, lift tickets, and a one hour lesson. The lesson was very worth it. The instructors were very friendly and helpful. By the end of it, we were weaving (slowly) around people on the slopes. We both had a really good time, and hopefully we’ll be going again sometime soon.