“Humans are fallible, and they often operate with half-formed intentions, based on incomplete information.”

– Steve Young, “Cognitive User Interfaces”, IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, May 2010

Taken out of context like this, it’s quite a poetic statement. The entire article is a pretty awesome read on how the user interfaces of the future will have to compensate for our own fallibility.

The Arrogance of Engineers

Engineers have a certain arrogance about them. That isn’t to say that they think they’re God’s gift to the world (at least, not all engineers think this). Rather, they look at a system and think to themselves, ‘I can make this better’.

Paraphrasing my professor this evening.

Owl City – Sunburn

But when her smile came back,
And I didn’t feel half as horrible.
She gave me a heart attack,
Just because she looked so adorable.
“Sunburn” – Owl City

I downloaded Owl City’s Ocean Eyes on iTunes a few months ago. A week-ish ago, I got an email from iTunes about a free download of the single “Sunburn”. Very catchy song and I love the lyric above.