Gorillaz – Plastic Beach

For whatever reason, I was never really a huge fan of the Gorillaz. Growing up, I’d heard their singles on the radio, and appreciated their singles. But I had tried to listen to their self-titled debut album, and could never get into it. Nine years later, they come out with Plastic Beach, so I downloaded the album to give them another shot. It’s definitely a new direction for them, it feels like a lot more influence came from the outside. Indeed, the majority of the tracks have some kind of “featuring” addition to it. Personally, my favorite tracks are “Rhinestone Eyes”, “On Melancholy Hill”, and “Plastic Beach” — the first two not featuring any outside artists. That’s not to say that their other tracks are bad, it’s just that there is such a shift between their old sound and their new sound that it takes a few listens to get accustomed to. Regardless, everything works coherently in the complete album, and that’s what matters.

With the advent of Plastic Beach, I decided to go back and give their previous two albums another go. I must have had my head under a rock, because Demon Days is such a fantastic album.