February Recap

I guess I haven’t been a very good blogger; it’s been about 3 weeks since my last post. Oh well, life happens. Anyhow, this is a brief recap of the month of February.

Concerning resolutions… The whole “exercise twice a week” thing hasn’t really held up. This past week, I’ve started to hit the trails again on a more regular basis, but throughout January and most of February, I was pretty sedentary. Hopefully I’ll keep going out there.

My book for February was The Alchemist, a very fun adventure novel.

As for my “awkward thing”, I did a presentation near the end of the month that I’m going to count as awkward. I’m not one to do presentations, though I’d much rather present a power-point than write a report or memo. It was awkward, I got grilled a little in front of an audience of about 30 people, but I feel like I came out of it better.

In other news, Ellie isn’t feeling very well. She’s at the vet right now, getting an echocardiogram, and I’ll be picking her up soon. I didn’t even get to go to work this morning — the appointment was at 10, but the technician had an emergency, so I had to come back in at 11:30 to drop Ellie off and I’ll be picking her up sometime soon after writing this post. I guess I’ll just have to make it up this weekend. I’d go into gritty details about what’s bothering her, but I really don’t feel like thinking about it.

So for those interested, there’s an update of my life. I’m just hoping Ellie feels better.

Packs of Pekingese

I meant to post about this sooner, but you know how things go.

Science Daily had an article about the evolution of dogs. This sentence pretty much sums it up:

Domestic dogs don’t live in the wild so they don’t have to run after things and kill them — their food comes out of a tin and the toughest thing they’ll ever have to chew is their owner’s slippers.

Could you imagine a pack of Ellies hunting for food?