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As promised, here’s the code for the newest revision of my Sudoku Solver. More »


As promised, here’s the code for my Juggling game. More »

Let’s get back into this code. More »

My air hockey code has been something I’ve wanted to explain a bit more — and so in an effort to get somewhere with it, I’ll be splitting it up into parts; blogging as I have free time. In the first part of my explanation, I’ll be focusing on some overarching object oriented ideas as well as constructors. More »

I’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is that I still haven’t finished the book yet. The good news is that I’ve written some Matlab to decode more of the secret messages! More »

I’ve got a lot on my plate in terms of entertainment (Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Final Fantasy Tactics for iOS being the main culprits), so I haven’t finished Ghost in the Wires yet. But I threw together a Matlab script that will decode some of the messages at the start of each chapter, so I thought I’d share. More »

Here’s a recent problem that I’ve come across and found a pseudo-elegant way to solve it. More »

As promised, here’s the code and images for my minesweeper game. More »

If you’ve looked at my air hockey code, you’ll see that I do very simple collision detection; each ball checks itself against the boundaries of the field, the goals, and the player’s cursor. However, there is one thing missing — collision between multiple pucks. More »

And once again, Southwest breaks my Sudoku Solver. More »


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