Google + Conan => Reggie Watts

It’s funny how quickly information moves around. I swear this first started with an article on the New York Times, but I can’t seem to find it now. Regardless, the article I read, whatever the source, led me to YouTube to find the video of Conan interviewed at Google HQ. More »

Google Chrome for OS X – Impressions

Two days ago, Google Chrome left beta for OS X. I’m mainly a Firefox user, but I’m always up for trying new and shiny things (especially when they’re free).

Aesthetically, having the tabs animate and move as they open is strangely satisfying. The frequently opened sites (a la Safari) is a welcome sight too. Having a bookmark bar that can hide, revealing itself only when you open a new tab, is a nice touch. However, with the bookmark bar, I would like some more control as to whether or not domain icons are shown or not. In fact, if the bookmark bar could be customized to only show the domain icons (a la Microsoft’s quick launch bar), that would be a pretty cool improvement. As is stands, with the domain icon plus the domain name, my bookmark bar overflows.

Speaking of customization, I would really like an about:config page where I could tweak settings. I’ve grown accustomed to being able to tweak things in Firefox, which is pretty useful. My current settings are as such:

Three Finger Up/Down: Switch tabs
Three Finger Left/Right: Navigate backwards/forwards
Two Fingers: Scroll

The switch tab gesture is pretty important to me; it’s nice to be able to easily and quickly switch between tabs to reference another webpage.

For now, I’ll force myself to get used to Google Chrome and we’ll see how long it lasts before I switch back. I did the same experiment with Safari, but I switched back to Firefox for the lack of gesture customization.

Google TV

Meh, I’m definitely not the target audience for this. I regularly hook up my Blackbook to my TV, connect a wireless keyboard and mouse, and I’m good to go. Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, etc. are all at my fingertips. The intriguing part, though, is that some TVs are going to be built with Google TV. So essentially these TVs become internet devices without having to attach a computer. That’s a pretty neat idea, especially for the non-tech-savvy. The Google TV box, on the other hand, seems like it’s just going to be another cuboid to silently drain energy. Why buy another box when you could hook up a computer to your tv?

But then again, who knows. With Android outselling the iPhone, maybe the Google box won’t be some unremembered product like Apple TV.