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2009 went out with a bang.

Above was our final dinner for 2009: split-pea soup, tenderloin steak, broccoli, and tomatoes. I’m no chef. Yet our dinner banter led us to critique the meal as if we were in a restaurant; and oh was it painful. The soup wasn’t smooth — mostly because I got impatient waiting for the peas to completely soften since they’d been on the stove for over an hour. The steak was dry — a rookie mistake to be sure, but in my defense I haven’t cooked steak in a long time. And the broccoli and tomatoes were just an afterthought — the broccoli itself was just steamed and pretty boring, and the tomatoes were raw, again, because of impatience and wanting to eat. Yet if you throw a little parmesan and garnish around, all of it doesn’t look half bad. In conclusion, while this was a totally edible meal, I don’t think I could cut it as a chef.

The wine was a Malbec. We’ve had an interesting relationship with Malbecs. The first time we tried one, it had these wonderful fruity notes of strawberry and raspberry. Ever since then it’s been a search for another Malbec that could do the same. 3 or 4 bottles later and nothing has come close — the one pictured was no different. Uninspiring is a good word for it. It wasn’t bad wine, per say, it just wasn’t anything like our first.

For dessert, a fruit tart. I didn’t arrange the fruit, I just cut and washed everything earlier so that we could put it together, together. This is dessert in its simplest form; a ready-made pie crust, cool-whip, fruit, and a lemon glaze from the New York Times. Unfortunately, cutting the tart proved difficult due to the fact that the crust was pretty cheap and crumbled on us. Regardless, the crumbled mixture of fruit, cool-whip, and graham cracker crust, while not pretty on our individual plates, was tasty.


Went to the mall this evening with Linda and stopped by Yogiberry to try some shaved ice. As you can see from the picture, the thing was massive, it’s as big as her head! At $7.50, it’s a little expensive, but a lot better than getting two small yogurts. Plus, look at how much fruit they piled on this thing; they even put some in a little bowl since it wouldn’t all fit. We were confused by the whole “shaved ice” bit though. They put some crushed ice and milk at the bottom. When I heard shaved ice, I imagined something more snow-like and not jagged pieces of ice. It was akin to the sno-cones that ice cream trucks sell — something I was never a fan of. Regardless, the yogurt and fruit compensated for the awkward milky ice at the bottom.

The pic itself was from my semi-new (read, refurbished) phone, a Motorola W385. Not the fanciest thing in the world, but I was able to link it to my computer via bluetooth, so I’m pretty happy.


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