Frictionless Vaccuums and the Rapid Onset of Christmas

I always knew physicists were hypocrites.

Oh, and unrelated to xkcd, happy December!

It’s strange to think that it’s already December and that Christmas and the New Year are within sight. Christmas trees, ornaments, and colored lights are starting to crop up everywhere I go. It’s a strange phenomenon that occurs after every Thanksgiving; this sudden sprouting of all things Christmas. What’s odd is that I even started playing Christmas music a few weeks before Thanksgiving, yet I still feel unprepared by all the Christmas paraphernalia. It’s strange, but soon enough New Years will pass and we’ll be in drab ol’ January.

With that in mind, I think I’ll just keep my chin up and let the Christmas spirit flow. Happy Holidays!


Seems like the guys from Penny Arcade have some qualms about the multiplayer aspects of New Super Mario Bros Wii. Which is funny, because I bought this game foremost to play with Linda. I suppose we’ll see come Christmas.

New Super Mario Brothers Wii is marriage poison.

I wouldn’t play this game with any person you want to see again. In its multiplayer interpretation, which I suggest be referred to as “Divorce Mode,” choreographing your platform jumps in a way that does not interfere with another person’s basic game interactions can be quite difficult – particularly in portions where player movement itself can kill teammates while you progress the level, or when the natural scroll of the camera can kill those who lag behind. One of these two things is almost always happening, though. So hm.

That is to say nothing of the proper distribution of powerups, which is a process fraught with concentrated danger.