[MATLAB] Ghost in the Wires Decoder Ring

I’ve got a lot on my plate in terms of entertainment (Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Final Fantasy Tactics for iOS being the main culprits), so I haven’t finished Ghost in the Wires yet. But I threw together a Matlab script that will decode some of the messages at the start of each chapter, so I thought I’d share. More »

Our Final Dinner (of 2009)

2009 went out with a bang.

Above was our final dinner for 2009: split-pea soup, tenderloin steak, broccoli, and tomatoes. I’m no chef. Yet our dinner banter led us to critique the meal as if we were in a restaurant; and oh was it painful. The soup wasn’t smooth — mostly because I got impatient waiting for the peas to completely soften since they’d been on the stove for over an hour. The steak was dry — a rookie mistake to be sure, but in my defense I haven’t cooked steak in a long time. And the broccoli and tomatoes were just an afterthought — the broccoli itself was just steamed and pretty boring, and the tomatoes were raw, again, because of impatience and wanting to eat. Yet if you throw a little parmesan and garnish around, all of it doesn’t look half bad. In conclusion, while this was a totally edible meal, I don’t think I could cut it as a chef.

The wine was a Malbec. We’ve had an interesting relationship with Malbecs. The first time we tried one, it had these wonderful fruity notes of strawberry and raspberry. Ever since then it’s been a search for another Malbec that could do the same. 3 or 4 bottles later and nothing has come close — the one pictured was no different. Uninspiring is a good word for it. It wasn’t bad wine, per say, it just wasn’t anything like our first.

For dessert, a fruit tart. I didn’t arrange the fruit, I just cut and washed everything earlier so that we could put it together, together. This is dessert in its simplest form; a ready-made pie crust, cool-whip, fruit, and a lemon glaze from the New York Times. Unfortunately, cutting the tart proved difficult due to the fact that the crust was pretty cheap and crumbled on us. Regardless, the crumbled mixture of fruit, cool-whip, and graham cracker crust, while not pretty on our individual plates, was tasty.

Bringing 2009 to an End with Sinfest

Sinfest was the first webcomic I followed. I remember when I first came across it, I think it was in 2005. I read every single one from beginning; which is a lot, considering the comic’s been updated almost daily since 2000. I printed out a few comics and posted it on my dorm’s cork board. But someone must have gotten offended, and they were taken down the next day. Apparently God making fun of the Devil is too much for some people.

Regardless, here we are in 2009, and Tatsuya Ishida, Sinfest’s author, is getting ready to end 2009, literally. Death, skull-faced, robed, and scythe wielding, has been pursuing 2009, who was new last year, but is now an old man. Death took out 2008 around this time last year with his scythe-turned-sniper-rifle (as seen in the strip above from last year) but it’s good to know that 2009 is putting up a fight.