Let’s start these Hearthstone posts with something fun. More »


One of these days, I’m going to actually have time to sit for an extended period of time and play a story-driven video game. Until that day comes, though, I look forward to games like Hearthstone.

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It’s been awhile since I listened to metal. I’ve been listening to a lot of chiptunes lately. But a new Dream Theater album will always bring me back. More »

If there’s one word I’d choose to describe Chipzel’s latest album, Spectra, it would be mature. More »

I had bought this game awhile back while it was on sale, but never got around to playing it until yesterday. More »

Really, the title says it all. More »

From Boreta, one of the founding members of The Glitch Mob, comes a pretty interesting app called Mirrorgram. More »

I just happened to stumble upon these guys while perusing the YouTube channel of CandyRat Records. I always thought that CandyRat signed solely acoustic guitar artists, but these guys don’t really fit that bill. More »

Ever since Super Hexagon, I’ve been addicted to Chipzel. More »

Tensions were really high in the airport terminal tonight, on the eve of the Frankenstorm known as Sandy. My 6:30 flight was delayed once to 7:15. And then it got delayed again to 7:45. And then 8:00. More »


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