Air Hockey

This game is based upon air hockey. To make things more interesting, there are four pucks instead of one. The game starts with the player, the blue circle, having a negative score and working his way towards a positive score, hitting the opponent’s goal and protecting his own.

If a ball hits the upper brick, then the score increases, whereas hits against the lower brick decreases your score. The movie capture in MATLAB isn’t done in real time, so there’s a little bit of lag, seen by the player’s paddle jumping around.


The basis of this game comes from a Klutz book I had growing up. I don’t remember which one it was, but in it was a description of making a tennis ball launcher by stacking a tennis ball on top of a basket ball and then dropping the two.

The two rectangles on the top corners of the play field are “teleporters” as an anti-cheat method. Without them, the player could trap the ball in the corner and rack up points.