Discontinuities in Life

Strange things occur when things are suddenly switched on or off. It happens in signal processing all the time. The sudden application or removal of a signal sends shockwaves of infinite frequency through the system. Similarly, abrupt behavioral transitions during winter months can generate reverberations in our lives. More »


Back in college, I could fit my entire life in my car. I kind of liked those days; where moving became a physical game of Tetris. This Simpsons clip captures it pretty well (Sorry, no embed).

But now it takes a 14 foot Uhaul plus multiple trips of packing my car to the brim, just to get it all in my new place. Then there’s the whole unpacking deal and trying to put everything where it’s supposed to go…

Ah, well. It’ll get done eventually…


February Recap

I guess I haven’t been a very good blogger; it’s been about 3 weeks since my last post. Oh well, life happens. Anyhow, this is a brief recap of the month of February.

Concerning resolutions… The whole “exercise twice a week” thing hasn’t really held up. This past week, I’ve started to hit the trails again on a more regular basis, but throughout January and most of February, I was pretty sedentary. Hopefully I’ll keep going out there.

My book for February was The Alchemist, a very fun adventure novel.

As for my “awkward thing”, I did a presentation near the end of the month that I’m going to count as awkward. I’m not one to do presentations, though I’d much rather present a power-point than write a report or memo. It was awkward, I got grilled a little in front of an audience of about 30 people, but I feel like I came out of it better.

In other news, Ellie isn’t feeling very well. She’s at the vet right now, getting an echocardiogram, and I’ll be picking her up soon. I didn’t even get to go to work this morning — the appointment was at 10, but the technician had an emergency, so I had to come back in at 11:30 to drop Ellie off and I’ll be picking her up sometime soon after writing this post. I guess I’ll just have to make it up this weekend. I’d go into gritty details about what’s bothering her, but I really don’t feel like thinking about it.

So for those interested, there’s an update of my life. I’m just hoping Ellie feels better.