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When I had first heard about The Astonishing in December, I was excited: a concept album, 34 tracks, over 2 hours long, a cast of characters with a map, and a huge backstory. More ยป


It’s been awhile since I listened to metal. I’ve been listening to a lot of chiptunes lately. But a new Dream Theater album will always bring me back. More »

If there’s one word I’d choose to describe Chipzel’s latest album, Spectra, it would be mature. More »

Really, the title says it all. More »

I just happened to stumble upon these guys while perusing the YouTube channel of CandyRat Records. I always thought that CandyRat signed solely acoustic guitar artists, but these guys don’t really fit that bill. More »

Ever since Super Hexagon, I’ve been addicted to Chipzel. More »

It’s not often I get requests, but I’m a friendly guy, so check this out! More »

This has been something on my mind since the SOPA/PIPA debacle a few weeks ago. More »

Found this perusing the internet. Jon Gomm uses an acoustic guitar, but incorporates electronics to fill out his sound. While he plays very technically, his overall sound stays incredibly melodic. Fantastic stuff. More »

Where did November go? Oh well, check out this sick track from the Glitch Mob feat Theophilus London. More »


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