Heroes of the Storm – Technical Alpha Invitation

For whatever reason, Blizzard decided to send me an invitation into the technical alpha of Heroes of the Storm. Now, I’m more than happy to play and test their game, but I really didn’t think I’d be the best person for the alpha.

For one, I’ve never played a MOBA (multiplayer online battleground arena) before. In fact, when I first started playing HoTS, I would always lead the team — in deaths.

Another thing is that I signed up for the alpha with my Mac Mini, a computer that doesn’t even have a dedicated video card. It baffled me when I looked at my account and saw my Mini’s specs on the screen with its Intel HD Graphics 4000. I had forgotten to switch my computer to my Macbook Pro. Yet they still sent me an invitation to the technical alpha, so I guess they need to test all kinds of systems. Surprisingly, the game ran incredibly well on that system. But maybe it’s not so surprising since the client is essentially the Starcraft 2 client which is over 4 years old at this point.

The final thing is that I barely have time to play video games anymore. Getting married has definitely shuffled my priorities. For me, gaming has always been a solo activity and not an activity I shared with Linda while we were dating. Whenever we have free time, we’re usually doing something we mutually enjoy. In fact, the majority of my ‘gaming’ comes from watching YouTube during lunch or reading about the latest gaming news on Kotaku/Polygon.

Anyways, I’ll post impressions about the game itself later, when the shock of getting into the technical alpha wears off.

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