If you click on my profile from my previous post, you’ll find a completely different build that what I’m currently using (which, will probably change again in a week). But here’s the current state of my Wizard.

My Build and Wizard

My Build
My Wizard

Build Methodology

To start, my gear offers me +27% Arcane Orb damage (boots and offhand) and +34% fire damage (Stone of Jordan and Magefist). Seeing these two +damage boosts you might think of the rune that turns the Arcane Orb to fire: Scorch.

The problem with Arcane Orb – Scorch, though, is that the damage of the actual projectile is fairly low. The majority of the damage comes from the fire trail that the projectile leaves behind. The explosion of the projectile can do decent damage, but it doesn’t explode until it’s almost off the screen. You can actually force the explosion by casting the projectile into a wall, but that doesn’t exactly work well on a lot of maps.

My solution? Take advantage of the +fire damage with Explosive Blast – Chain Reaction and the Arcane Orb +damage with Arcane Orbit.

This gives two abilities with great damage for everything in melee range. Naturally, the passive Audacity (+15% damage to everything within 15 yards) was an easy choice. Since I already had two elemental sources, I grabbed Electrocute – Arc Lightning and Ice Armor – Frozen Storm to give lightning and cold damage in melee range. This gives all four damage types for the Elemental Exposure passive.

For tankiness, I chose Magic Weapon – Deflection and Blur. However, I’m considering replacing Blur with Arcane Dynamo. This will increase the damage of either Explosive Blast or Arcane Orbit by 60%.

Wrap Up

Rerolling legendaries is expensive in Diablo 3. The rerolls on my boots and source which gave me +Arcane Orb damage was kind of a fluke. I was aiming for +Meteor damage to synergize with my previous build. I just happened to roll +Arcane Orb damage, so I switched to a Frozen Orb build for awhile and ignored my +fire damage Stone of Jordan.

However, this morning, a Magefist dropped for me, which gave me even more +fire damage. But I couldn’t just have that much fire/arcane orb damage and ignore it. So I changed my build to what you see now.

Build defining legendaries. GG Blizzard