Reaper of Souls has been out for about a week now, so I wanted to share my melee wizard build.

My Build
My Wizard

Above are the links to the build and my wizard. I’ve used the build effectively in Torment 1 with modest gear. By modest gear, I mean decent level 70 rares and a few legendaries, but nothing build defining yet.

The only thing in my gear that affects my build is Teleport – Calamity. I found Haunt of Vaxo, which summons two shadow clones when you stun an enemy. Being able to trigger the clones on command by teleporting into a group of enemies is pretty great. The clones are pretty sturdy and can tank mobs effectively. In addition, they can cast Slow Time, which can be very helpful against ranged mobs.

Anyways, back to my build. The build revolves around the Elemental Exposure passive. Because of this passive, you’ll see all four damage types represented in my build.

My signature spell is Arcane Blades – Barrier Blades, which makes me fairly tanky and also provides arcane damage. Also, with the Prodigy passive, I can regen Arcane Power when casting the blades.

To group mobs together, I use Black Hole – Blazar, which provides fire damage for the Elemental Exposure passive. In general, Black Hole and Meteor work really well together, grouping mobs togehter and then blasting them from the skies. To provide lightning damage, I use the Lightning Bind rune for Meteor.

Familiar – Sparkflint provides fire damage while boosting my overall damage by 10%. For cold damage, I run Ice Armor – Frozen Storm. This rune deals cold damage to everyone nearby.

To round out the melee centric build, I use the passives Blur and Audacity to reduce incoming damage and increase damage against everyone nearby, respectively.

The main drawback to this melee build is ranged mobs, like the skeletal archers in Act 5 or the spear throwers in Act 2. Also, my paper doll stats are about 400k/3m/10k damage/toughness/healing. With such a low toughness/healing, I can’t just sit pretty in ground effects, but that’s something that will improve over time with better gear.

Overall, I find the build really effective and more interesting than the Electrocute/Frozen Orb stun build that I’ve seen people using. Feel free to try it out and leave a comment on anything that can be improve.