If there’s one word I’d choose to describe Chipzel’s latest album, Spectra, it would be mature.

Her older tracks are unabashedly energetic, repetitive, and sound like they were written by a 20 year old — but I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. I found myself listening to Chipzel the most when doing cardio, keeping me moving forward with its unrelenting drive.

That’s not to say that her sound lost its edge, rather, as I said earlier, her sound has matured. It’s still got that oomph that makes you want to dance like an idiot (see the opening track Spectra, embedded below), but there’s a lot more subtle things going on now.

I think the track Sunday best illustrates this maturity. It starts with synth vocals, which is a new and welcome texture, providing an ethereal background while the chip melody twinkles. Then about a minute in, the bass drops and you get that driving energy. But just as fast as the bass came in, it backs away to make room for a gentle, almost deadmau5-esque, melody.

Seriously, it’s a great album and you should definitely go check it out.