The Reign of Kindo

I just happened to stumble upon these guys while perusing the YouTube channel of CandyRat Records. I always thought that CandyRat signed solely acoustic guitar artists, but these guys don’t really fit that bill.

This band based in New York take the sounds of jazz but put it in a rock framework. Their music is incredibly accessible, yet still carries the complex progressions, chords, and technical wizardry found in jazz. To start, try out “The Moments in Between” off their album Rhythm, Chord & Melody.

This next track, “Bullets in the Air” off the album This is What Happens is a little more avant garde. But the vocals and chorus ground it so well.

And to close it off is “Nightingale”, also off This is What Happens. This is just one of those tracks that I have to hit repeat on. The bass is just slick and the drums are fantastic. Seriously, if you ignored the first two, at least check this track out.

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