Ever since Super Hexagon, I’ve been addicted to Chipzel.

She created the soundtrack to Super Hexagon, and it’s pretty rockin. I’ve never really listened to chiptune, but this stuff is just too good to not share. This first tune, “Courtesy”, is off the Super Hexagon soundtrack, from the Hexagon level.

The next track, “Can’t Stop Us”, is just amazingly epic. It’s got that infectious optimism, like you’re about to go off on an amazing adventure. Seriously, it gives me flashbacks to Final Fantasy IV (2 when I first played it on the SNES) when you first form a party with Cecil and Kain.

And to close it off is “Focus”. This track is also on the Super Hexagon soundtrack. But you can also find it in her latest full album, Phonetic Symphony. While you’re at it, you should also check out the free EP she just released, Fragments.