Boston Public Garden and Newbury Street

This next batch of photos is from a street photography session around Boston’s Public Garden and Newbury Street yesterday.

The first thing we saw in the Public Garden was the Professor World Band. An eclectic one man band, he happened to be singing “Octopus’s Garden” by the Beatles.

Another music performance we happened to come across was Authentic Counterfeit on Newbury Street, playing a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”. The saxophonist was really jamming on his solo; I didn’t expect him to flash me a peace sign.

In addition to all the people, there were a lot of dogs hanging out on Newbury Street. It was hard to miss these two big dogs, but I didn’t see the smaller one under the chair until I loaded the picture onto my computer.

Walking back through the Public Garden, heading back to the hotel, we saw no less than half a dozen groups taking pictures. Everything from weddings, to engagements, to a quiƱceanera. The park was beautiful, so I don’t blame them for coming out. It’s just hard to believe that Hurricane Sandy is about to hit.

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