[iOS] Super Hexagon

So… it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, but I’m still here! And today, I’m bringing you a fun and addicting game called Super Hexagon on iOS.

What is it? It might be hard to tell from the trailer, but the basic premise is that you control the little triangle and you have to avoid the walls that come at you. Press on the right side of the screen and your triangle rotates clockwise. Press on the left, and it rotates counter-clockwise. Super simple in theory, but as you can see, the game shifts, spins, pulsates, changes shape, and generally tries to disorient you.

There are 3 game modes available when you first buy it: Hexagon, Hexagoner, and Hexagonest. To beat each mode, you have to survive for at least 60 seconds. Once you’ve beaten a mode, you’re given access to a ‘Hyper’ mode (i.e. Hyper Hexagon, Hyper Hexagoner, etc) which is even harder.

In the end, it comes down to pattern recognition. Oftentimes, you need to respond within milliseconds and in the correct direction, or else you’ll hit a wall. To see how crazy it can get, here’s the creator of the game, Terry Cavanagh, beating the hardest mode, Hyper Hexagonest.

The game is really fun and addicting with tight gameplay and catchy 8-bit music from Chipzel. My only warning would be to not play it for extended periods of time. I played for an hour when I first got it, and I ended up with a bit of eyestrain. Eye problems aside, I wholeheartedly recommend this game.

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