A Visit to the Art of Video Games

Over a year has passed since I first posted about the Art of Video Games. Yesterday, we decided to have brunch in DC and happened to be nearby, so we attempted to check it out.

We walked around the courtyard where they had various stations up for opening weekend. At the stations, people could play Super Mario Bros. 3 (as well as other games), make pixel art with their kids, or take in the sights. One of the cool things they had set up was a live-action gaming station.

There, three people dressed in green spandex and motorcycle helmets created an obstacle course for children to run through. During the first stage, the kid had to avoid balls being thrown at them from the robot-people. For the second stage, the kid had to jump over moving barriers — the robot-people held foam sticks and would move back and forth to create a platformer of sorts. For the third stage, one robot-person moved a hoop around the floor and the kid had to stay within it. And for the final stage, all three robot-people started on one side of the floor and walked toward the kid, who was armed with only three shots to stop the advancing robots. Once struck, the robot would ‘die’ in a random pose. One of the cool things about this act (other than the fact that it looked like a lot of fun), was that they had a DJ doing live music and sound effects. Having various bleeps and bloops over a dramatic soundscape during each game made the entire act really kitschy and fun.

After taking in the courtyard fun, we decided to try to find the actual exhibit. Unfortunately, there was a long curving line just to get into the exhibit. So we decided to just pass on it for now — it was opening weekend after all. The exhibit will be around until September, so we figured that there will be plenty of opportunities to catch it later.

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