After Googling around and trying various solutions, I took my Macbook into an Apple store to get a CD unstuck. The solution was pretty simple. Actually, I couldn’t find it anywhere on the web, so I thought I should share it here.

The tech basically told me that over time, the felt that covers the CD drive will harden a bit. One way to soften it up is to clean it out with a bit of rubbing alcohol. He didn’t charge me for the time either, which is another plus!

When I got home, the CD got stuck again. Here’s the procedure I used to get it back out.

  1. Turn off your computer
  2. Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and rub it along the opening of the CD drive
  3. Turn on the computer while holding the option key
  4. Once the computer gives you the option of selecting your hard drive, eject the CD

Hope this helps!