Google Reader+

Google rolled out it’s new Google Reader today with Google+ integration. It’s pretty, but I’ve got a big gripe.

In the old version, my most used keyboard shortcuts were “j”, “k”, and “l”, which jumps to the next item, previous item, or likes an item, respectively. With the new Google+ integration, they removed the “like” and replaced it with +1 — a completely understandable step. However, they somehow neglected to give it a keyboard shortcut.

It’s trite, but it messes up my workflow. With one hand, I could zip through my RSS feeds, publicly affirming or ignoring items with my “like” button. Now, I’ll have to switch over to my mouse and manually click on the +1 button.

It’s a strange feeling and I must be getting old or something — that something so small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things could rile me up.

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