Blizzcon 2011 – Opening Ceremonies

So much was just revealed during the Blizzcon 2011 Opening Ceremonies. Here’s my list of favorites.

Free Diablo 3 – If you pay for a years subscription of World of Warcraft.

Blizzard DOTA – Blizzard champions like Sylvanas, Nova, and Thrall battling in a DOTA style combat looks like a lot of fun. I expect this to be a Starcraft 2 custom map that we’ll probably have to pay for.

WoW Expansion – Mists of Pandaria. The leaks were true and adventurers will get to play as Pandaren monks – available to both the Horde and Alliance.

Pet Battles in WoW – I imagine that this will be like Pokemon. I wonder if they’ll have 150 pets to start.

Also, have some cinematics!

Diablo 3

Starcraft 2


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