Jonathan Coulton

Not sure why I haven’t written about him before, but it’s better late than never!

He’s best known for writing the ending songs to Portal and Portal 2. Also, a few years back, he created the album “Thing a Week” wherein he challenged himself to write a new song every week.

This first catchy song, “Shop Vac”, from Thing A Week is about a couple who move into the suburbs. The fan made typography video of the song is pretty wonderful.

This next song, which is also really catchy, is about a day in the life of a pill popper. This live recording is pretty fantastic too when he catches himself messing up.

And to top it off, a sad/funny one from his new album. The song has this sentimental sound to it, but the lyrics are pretty hilarious.

I had a great time,
today with your wife,
under an awning

We had to stop there,
wait for a while,
’cause it was raining

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