Plants vs. Zombies for iOS was recently updated to include more of the mini games that were found in the PC version. This update included one of my favorite mini games, Last Stand. In this mini game, you’re given 5000 sun and are prohibited from planting sunflowers or sun shrooms. Therefore, you must come up with an efficient build to survive five waves of zombies. With the Last Stand mini game also came a new achievement called Sol Invictus, where you must complete Last Stand with at least 2000 sun remaining. Here’s what my set up looks like to get this achievement.

The basic idea is to use gloom shrooms to deal all the damage, with snow peas to slow zombies down and garlic to funnel them onto the gloom shrooms. The walnuts are necessary because one snow pea can’t slow down huge waves of zombies. Just keep your garlic replenished when they die, and you should be able to get the achievement with this build.

I know that the screenshot only shows me with 1500 sun, but you get 250 sun after each wave for four waves. On the fifth and final wave, you get gold instead of sun, so in total, you get 1000 sun from playing Last Stand.