[iOS] iMapMyRun vs. Nike+

With all of the lovely weather the east coast has been getting, I’ve been trying to get out more. When spring sprung, I was using the iMapMyRun app. Not that long ago, Nike+ decided to make their app free. So after using both for a handful of runs, I’ve decided to compare the two.

So what’s so special about these two apps? At their core, both apps are designed to track your workout with the GPS data from your iPhone, recording things like distance, time, and speed. Once you’ve finished your workout, you have the option to save it so that you can go back and review it later. These two apps perform these tasks very well, the difference between the two, in my opinion, is the UI.

First, let’s look at the iMapMyRun app:

This is what it looks like during a workout. Very stark and all the information is there; point being, it’s usable.

Now, let’s look at the Nike+ app:

As you can see, it’s a lot cleaner. with the distance run prominently displayed at the top with a large start/stop button in the middle. What sets the Nike+ app apart from the iMapMyRun app, though, is the ability to lock the screen. Once locked, you can’t accidentally cancel your workout, which is great.

Also, there’s one other feature that I prefer in the Nike+ app over iMapMyRun, the ability to rate the quality of your run. That is, when you’re finished with your run, you can label it as awesome (smiley face), so-so (meh face), sluggish (frowny face), or injured (frowny face with a bandage). It’s a great little addition that allows you to quickly go back to see how you did.

So go out and grab the Nike+ app while it’s still free.

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