[SC2] MMA vs. IdrA at MLG Columbus

Major League Gaming (MLG) Columbus went down this weekend, and with it came a lot of spectacular games of Starcraft 2. My favorite series, hands-down, was between MMA and IdrA.

MMA is one of the five Korean SC2 players flown to Columbus to compete at MLG. IdrA is well known as the top American Zerg player, but he’s probably more known for his BM (bad manners) and rage-quitting (surrendering the game early instead of letting it play out).

At MLG yesterday, the latter raised it’s ugly head, seen in the clip below. It starts with MMA making the terrible mistake of destroying his own building, followed by a big engagement between the two players. Midway through the battle, IdrA, in the lead, shocks the casters and audience by calling out gg (good game) and leaving the game.

In their next game, MMA puts pressure early on while IdrA is still setting up his base. IdrA successfully defends, and Day[9] makes the quip in this next clip that made my night.

Absolutely demolishing this 2-rax play, would not be surprised to see a gg from IdrA at any moment

In the end, the Koreans made a great showing, placing 1st through 4th, with MMA being crowned champion. MLG was fantastic and I can’t wait for the next big tournament.

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