iPhone – Taking the Plunge

I’ve spent a few more days with my iPhone, so I’d like to share my thoughts on taking the plunge into the smartphone world.

Months ago, I justified my lack of a smartphone to the fact that I’m always tethered to the internet via laptop. But you can’t find wifi everywhere, and it isn’t convenient to lug around a laptop. I was aware that I could have the internet everywhere, yet I hid behind excuses like my trusty laptop — but that all changed this past February. The iPhone came out on Verizon and I was eligible to upgrade this month in March. And so began a month long internal debate on whether or not to jump into a smartphone, especially with 4G/LTE and the iPhone 5 looming on the horizon.

Here’s why I didn’t wait:

  1. Waiting: I hate being an early adopter. My first experience with high end computer gaming was marred by the fact that my shiny new gaming laptop frequently overheated. Lesson learned: let technology settle before jumping in. While I have confidence that LTE and the iPhone 5 will be great products, they’re untested compared to the iPhone 4, which has been out for a few months already. It’s only major problem being the death grip which, for the most part, isn’t as widespread a problem on Verizon due to the antenna change for the CDMA network.
  2. iPhone 5: The iPhone 4 saw a big jump in design from the iPhone 3GS — retina display, Face Time, A4 chip, etc. Now compare that to the changes between the iPad to the iPad 2. The iPad 2 didn’t really see that much of an upgrade — thinner, two cameras, and the A5 chip. The biggest development that would be applicable to the iPhone 5 would be the A5 chip. But the A4 chip has proven itself, so I don’t mind being a cycle behind.
  3. LTE: I knew that the Thunderbolt was coming out on Verizon soon. It’s Verizon’s first LTE phone. While it would be awesome being on a blazing fast LTE connection, I can’t justify having that kind of speed without some kind of tethering plan. Maybe someday I’ll get a MiFi and break away from Comcast.
  4. iOS vs Android: I love music and my entire music collection revolves around iTunes. So it makes more sense for me to get the Apple device. I know that it’s possible to sync an Android device with iTunes, but having native iTunes support was more important. However, I do use gmail, and synchronization between gmail and an iPhone isn’t perfect (more on that later).
  5. Unlimited Data: Verizon is going to be moving into a tiered data plan this summer and I knew I wanted to get grandfathered into an unlimited data plan. Admittedly, it’s a silly reason; having not had a smartphone before, I don’t know how much data I’ll be using. But I figure it’s better to have the better option and downgrade later than not have enough.

All in all, I’m happy I made the plunge, and I think I did it at a good time. In a later post, I’ll discuss a more interesting topic: apps.

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