The Superbowl

Honestly, I’m not a big football fan. I still enjoy watching every now and then, and the Superbowl is as good a time as any to watch.

Concerning the teams, I’m from Illinois but living in Maryland now; so it was unfortunate that the Bears lost to the Packers and the Ravens to the Steelers. Going into the Superbowl, I wasn’t really rooting for one team over the other.

The game itself was really exciting, staying pretty close the entire time, but I honestly got bored after the first quarter. In the end, it was the commercials (and the promise of a new Glee episode following the Superbowl) that kept me going.

There were a few Groupon commercials that were pretty jarring. The first starts about Tibet and its people, leading the viewer into this false sense of a “Free Tibet” campaign. But suddenly, the narrator says they saved money on a Tibetan restaurant through Groupon. The other started with the Amazon rainforest, but led up to a Brazilian wax. Bizarre. I really like Groupon too, but those ads just made Groupon seem sleazy.

There were a slew of Doritos commercials I liked; like the guy who tried to trick a pug to run into a door, only to get smashed under the door by the pug. I was just glad that the pug wasn’t hurt in the end and the stupid guy taunting him got his just desserts. Their other commercial where the crumbs resurrected the fish/plant/grandfather was pretty good too.

However, my favorite has to be this Volkswagon commercial. I was never a big Star Wars fan growing up, but one of my favorite games would be to pretend I had powers like telekinesis or conjuring lightning (this power, in particular, came from watching Big Trouble in Little China too many times). Needless to say, this commercial gave me a big nerd grin.

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