Project RnL

Found these guys through Jordan Rudess’s YouTube channel, and I’m completely floored. Formed in 2010, they make videosongs (a la Pomplamoose), and they collaborated with Jordan Rudess to make an amazing song. It starts off with iPads, but closes with traditional instruments. Don’t miss Jordan’s killer keyboard solo at the end.

(Switch to 480p or higher to increase both sound and video quality)

I hate categorizations, and I don’t think these guys fit into any mold anyways (which is how I like music). The best descriptor I could give would be eclectic. Their vocalist, Ray Livnat, is incredibly talented and it’s not really shown too much in the previous song. This next song, though, showcases not just Livnat, but the entire group.

To end this post is MMMBop – Hansonian Rhapsody. It starts off unassuming, almost pedestrian. But then the guitars hit, breaking any presumptions. And to top it off, they add in a little Queen (hence “Hansonian Rhapsody”).

Incredible stuff. All I know is that these guys need to put out a proper album.

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