An Attempt at Capturing the Lunar Eclipse

I’m filing this one under photography even though it’s a terrible shot. Maybe next time a lunar eclipse rolls around I’ll be more prepared.

Yesterday evening, I read an article entitled “Your Guide to the Darkest Day in 372 Years“. The basic gist is that last night, a lunar eclipse and the winter solstice aligned, an event that only happens ever 372 years.

Rather than having an alarm blaring at 3am, we decided to not mess up our sleep schedule — if we happened to wake up in the middle of the night, then we’d go outside and check it out. Right around 4am, I felt a nudge, so I rolled over, looked at the clock and begrudgingly got dressed. Camera and dogs in tow, we walked outside and sleepily gazed at the moon. The Earth’s shadow cast a yellow-orange glow over most of it, and the edge was a bright white.

So I pointed my camera up and tried my best to steady myself for the shot. Still half-awake, I extended the zoom lens as far as it would go and switched to manual focus since the auto-focus wasn’t working right. You can see the result below.

Hopefully the next time I try astrophotography, I’ll have a tripod; with a 1.3 second exposure time, a good picture just wasn’t going to happen as I swayed in the wind. Then there’s the fact that my lens couldn’t focus on the moon, so a better lens would be nice too. But then again, this is all a learning experience for me, and really, it’s all just for the experience itself.

Today, I’m exhausted from messing up my sleep schedule, from getting up at 4am, and from standing out in the cold. Maybe in the future I’ll think back and better appreciate that moment, the lunar eclipse that only happens once every 372 years.

For now, I just want my coffee to kick in.

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