Getting into DSLR Photography

Back in May, I briefly fawned over the Sony’s new EVIL cameras, the NEX series. Except at the end of that post, I said that if I were to get a new camera, I’d go for a DSLR. And so for Christmas, I bought myself the Canon T2i. I’m still learning all the ins and outs of the camera, but I thought I should compile a few of the helpful articles I’ve found.

Lifehacker’s “Master your DSLR Camera Part 1”
In part 1 of “Master your DSLR Camera”, guest writer Scott Feldstein covers some of the basics: flash, ISO, and white balance.

Lifehacker’s “Master your DSLR Camera Part 2”
In part 2 of “Master your DSLR Camera”, Feldstein goes over how to control light, specifically, how to control shutter speed and aperture.

How to Choose the Perfect Lens
The rundown is that the 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens that came with my T2i isn’t the best. While being a versatile zoom lens, the image quality from the lens itself hampers the camera. They suggest that the first lens for any new DSLR be a 50mm prime lens. The millimeter rating on the lens denotes the focal lengths. Since my kit lens ranges from 18-55mm, that means that I can zoom into the subject with it. The 50mm prime lens cannot zoom, but apparently the image quality from one is worth it.

All-in-all, upgrading to a 50mm prime lens sounds good to me, but after dropping a wad of cash for this camera, I think I’ll wait a few months to get used to the camera itself before fuddling around with lenses.

More on the 50mm lens
Gary Voth photography breaks down why you should replace the kit zoom lens with a 50mm prime.

Create your own Bokeh
Lifehacker explains how to create your own bokeh. Bokeh is the blur in photographs, and by putting a simple filter up front, you can control it’s shape, like in the image below.

Wrap up
That’s all for now. I’m still in a little bit of shock from jumping into this whole DSLR business, so I’m avoiding buying a photography book and looking instead to the internet. As I find more articles, I’ll be sure to post them.

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