I first heard Pomplamoose thanks to the promo music video from the Ben Folds and Nick Hornby collaboration. But just this past weekend I saw them on a Hyundai commercial. So that means they’re big now!

Pomplamoose is an indie jazz duo consisting of Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn. Nataly always sings in that half-dreaming voice while unblinkingly staring into the camera. It’s borderline annoying, but it just works so well when contrasted against Jack’s giant grins and high-energy accompaniment.

They make “VideoSongs” where they combine each individually taped part into a coherent video. I think that this style of song-writing / video-editing became big with the following “beat-box” video.

But this post is about Pomplamoose, not about Norwegians with crazy hair.

Pomplamoose’s most popular videos are covers from other artists, like Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”, Earth Wind and Fire’s “September”, or Lady Gaga’s “Telephone”.

But their original video songs are pretty great too. I think my favorite would be this one called “Another Day”.

They also put out a Christmas album. But you can’t get it via normal means, you have to donate a book to the Richmond Book Drive and then you can download their Christmas album with tracks like Deck the Halls (below) and the tracks heard on the Hyundai commercials. Major props to them for promoting reading like this!

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