The Glitch Mob

Their stuff is so good, it deserves it’s own post.

First off is “Animus Vox”, the song from the TRON trailer I posted before. It starts off slow, but once it kicks in, the bass will knock you off your feet.

Next, let’s really slow things down with “Between Two Points”. There’s something to be said about digitally altered voices. Personally, I can’t stand it if it’s not intentional. The Glee soundtracks are the first offenders to come to mind. You’ll be listening to a song and, all of a sudden, the pitch snaps to the next note, sticking out like a sore thumb (though in reality, I can’t say I’ve ever spotted a sore thumb). But in a track like this, the pitch shifting is so surreal, I get chills at the 1:35 mark.

(I don’t really mind that the Glee tracks use Auto-Tune. They put out such a large volume of quality music that I can’t blame them for using it.)

And let’s end it with an incredible 15 minute long video of Glitch Mob remixes. Prepare to have your ears and eyes assaulted.

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