Books are awesome. Textbooks are awesome. A free textbook? Mind. Blown.

Clicking on the book above will take you to “Electromagnetic Waves and Antennas” by Sophocles J. Orfanidis. Here’s a list of the chapters:

  1. Maxwell’s Equations
  2. Uniform Plane Waves
  3. Pulse Propagation in Dispersive Media
  4. Propagation in Birefringent Media
  5. Reflection and Transmission
  6. Multilayer Structures
  7. Oblique Incidence
  8. Multilayer Film Applications
  9. Waveguides
  10. Transmission Lines
  11. Coupled Lines
  12. Impedance Matching
  13. S-Parameters
  14. Radiation Fields
  15. Transmitting and Receiver Antennas
  16. Linear and Loop Antennas
  17. Radiation from Apertures
  18. Aperture Antennas
  19. Antenna Arrays
  20. Array Design Methods
  21. Currents on Linear Antennas
  22. Coupled Antennas

You have no idea how incredibly giddy I am at discovering this!