If you ever make a stop at Chicago’s Midway Airport, known to many as MDW, then you’ll probably enjoy this little tip.

Above, you’ll see the layout of Midway’s terminals. As you can see, both terminals A and B are quite large in comparison to terminal C. The majority of flights pass through A and B and, as a result, their bathrooms can get a little crowded.

If you want to avoid the crowd, use the bathroom in terminal C.

Since there’s only 3 gates in terminal C, its bathroom is vastly underused — you’ll never find a line outside of it. And because it’s so underused, I’ve found it to be the cleanest bathroom at the airport.

Also, it’s not very far away from the main atrium, it’s just a few feet away from security.

So next time you’re in Midway and you see a queue forming: head to terminal C.