Google + Conan => Reggie Watts

It’s funny how quickly information moves around. I swear this first started with an article on the New York Times, but I can’t seem to find it now. Regardless, the article I read, whatever the source, led me to YouTube to find the video of Conan interviewed at Google HQ.

Near the end of this hilarious interview, Conan starts to talk about his opening act Reggie Watts. In the Google interview above, Conan says:

it’s like throwing a ping poll ball into a room of mouse traps, like people were just like, “Reggie Watts,” “Reggie Watts,” “Reggie Watts,” “Reggie Watts”

So since I was at YouTube anyway, I type in a quick search for “Reggie Watts”, and I’m instantly blown away. This guy has some serious stuff out there. I think this video serves as a great introduction:

This next track, ‘It’s Over’, is probably my favorite. So simple, but there’s so much feeling and it grooves really well.

Reggie Watts does some things that are really out there and ‘Binary Existence’ is no exception. But it really showcases his creative ability and the amount of cool stuff he can do with his simple set up. That “conversation” near the end blew my mind the first time I heard it.

There’s a bunch of cool lines in ‘Binary Existence’ too, like the following:

But the other side, they’re just like me in a way; they just don’t want to be like me, in a way; so I guess they’re just like me in a way

One final video to wrap it up. He’s opening for Conan O’Brien’s tour after all, so he does a bunch of funny stuff as well. And that “drum solo”… wow…

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