Sinfest Speaks ASCII

Here’s today’s Sinfest. For a little background, Slick’s computer was touched by Buddha, and since then has been enlightened. It’s a fun strip in itself, but what struck me was that in the first panel, his computer is speaking binary. Usually, I just dismiss it, since it’s mostly random. But this time, drawn by the groups of four, I decided to investigate. A quick Google search of “ASCII” will bring you the following table:

But, to decode what the little computer is saying, we’re going to have to convert from binary into decimal, hexidecimal, or octal. I chose to convert into hex.

(0110 1111)2 = (6F)16 = 'o'
(0110 1101)2 = (6D)16 = 'm'

So the Buddha-touched computer is saying ‘om’.

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