Went and saw it last night. I’d have to say that the Iron Man movies are probably my favorite super hero movies. The reason is pretty simple: The Iron Man movies glamorize being smart.


Sure, Tony Stark has a seemingly infinite amount of money to support his crazy GUIs, UIs, and HUDs. But even without all the tech, he’s still able to create the arc reactor with simple tools in the first Iron Man. In Iron Man 2, this same glamorization is found through Whiplash, a physicist who creates his own arc reactor in his dingy workshop and does all sorts of computer hacking like cracking, phreaking, and reprogramming a fleet of robot drones, — we’ll just ignore the fact that he’s the bad guy. Though, not to be outdone, Tony Stark creates a lineac in his basement to create a brand new new element. All in all, Iron Man makes smart people look pretty damn cool.