So my post yesterday alluded to this album. The most fitting description of their sound is “Killswitch Engage meets Dream Theater”. They blend metalcore with some soaring melodic passages and they have the technical skill to go with it. My favorites on the album would have to be “Falling Forever” and “Undone”. “Falling Forever” has such a catchy chorus and the opening note by vocalist Chris Clancy is such a breath of fresh air. I’m a big fan of irregular time signatures and the 7/4 chorus of “Undone” is no exception. The trading 3’s and 4’s feel which gives it such a natural flow. I’ve read people here and there disapproving of the screams, and to some extent I agree. But at the same time, it does serve to shake things up a bit and provide contrast to the melodic vocals. Overall, the album is really enjoyable and like many others look forward to hearing more from these guys.