Sinfest was the first webcomic I followed. I remember when I first came across it, I think it was in 2005. I read every single one from beginning; which is a lot, considering the comic’s been updated almost daily since 2000. I printed out a few comics and posted it on my dorm’s cork board. But someone must have gotten offended, and they were taken down the next day. Apparently God making fun of the Devil is too much for some people.

Regardless, here we are in 2009, and Tatsuya Ishida, Sinfest’s author, is getting ready to end 2009, literally. Death, skull-faced, robed, and scythe wielding, has been pursuing 2009, who was new last year, but is now an old man. Death took out 2008 around this time last year with his scythe-turned-sniper-rifle (as seen in the strip above from last year) but it’s good to know that 2009 is putting up a fight.