Samsung Trance

Well, since my Samsung Trance was sentenced to a watery death, I suppose I’ll memorialize it by reviewing it.

First the good. The build quality is excellent; it’s a slide phone with a glass front. All the buttons feel very sturdy and for the four months I had it, the slide never gave any signs of wear. Call quality was very good too, probably the best of any phone I’ve had, though I’ve admittedly not owned many phones.

In terms of design, the entire front face is touch sensitive, which is really just a gimmick. Having touch buttons on the face doesn’t really do anything when the button layout is static. When I first got it, I tried to touch the menu buttons on the screen many times, but you have to navigate around with a touch direction pad. My biggest gripe with the touch screen front was that the mute button was one of the buttons you could tap during a call. And press it I did. Many times.

Despite its flaws, it was a faithful phone while I had it, but alas, our time together was cut short by the spin cycle.

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