Foster’s Market

Whenever I visit Linda in Durham, Foster’s Market is our go to place for brunch. Our usual plan is for one of us to get the omelet special, the other to get the chef’s special, and then split them so we each get a little of both dishes. Whenever I visit, which is about every 2-4 weeks, the specials are always different, so I’m not too sure how often they change, but it’s at least bi-weekly. While I prefer to split the omelet and chef’s special, sometimes it can be a bit much, so we replace one of the specials with a salmon bagel, which is really good too. This past weekend, we did just this and split the chef’s special and a salmon bagel. The special was a sweet potato hash with ham and fried eggs, a great country meal. I never get tired of their hash, as it’s always different every time I get it. They also do grits really wonderfully too.

I do feel a little sorry for the staff when they’re busy. Their service is a little different in that you order at a counter and leave them your name, and you go off and find a seat. Once your order is ready, the staff bring it out and call out your name so you can flag them down. The worst is when they’re busy and they have to search both inside and outside for the person — you can sometimes hear the desperation growing in their voice as they call out over all the people.

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