Went and saw this the other night with the cousins. Overall, a good bloody action flick with only one major gripe — the shaky cam and bad lighting. The fight in Mika’s apartment started the travesty of shaky cam + bad lighting, but it made sense in this context, since she has only a flashlight to view the action. But for some reason, they continued the shaky cam / bad lighting well into the other action scenes that follow, only really stopping at the climax of the movie.

Otherwise, I really liked the movie. The story provided a good backdrop to all the action. The acting wasn’t amazing, but I never lost the immersion. And of course, the action was over the top bloody and, when I could see it, very well done. The Matrix-esque effects were used to good effect too, for the blood and weapon-swinging. The final battle was really fun, too.

Again, this was a decent action flick, and a good one to veg out to while digesting a big Thanksgiving meal.

4/5 on the Netflix scale (I really like it)