Opeth – Blackwater Park

Well, since I have the time on my hands, let’s talk music.

I was never really into death metal. However, one song changed that, Dethklok’s Murmaider. I don’t watch Metalocalypse — I don’t even have cable — but I listened to the song on YouTube on a whim. Brutal. And yet at the same time hilarious. So I got hooked into Dethklok and ever so slowly the death metal growl didn’t seem to bother me as it does so many other people.

In college, I started listening to Dream Theater (There’s another story behind that). Which branched off into Symphony X, Spock’s Beard, and Porcupine Tree among others; great progressive rock and metal bands. I had heard that Opeth tours with Dream Theater often, but never got around to listening to them because I wasn’t really a fan of the death metal growl.

So one day, slightly bored of my current music, I download Opeth’s Blackwater Park. I doubt I would’ve liked it when I first started listening to metal, but once you take in the growl as another musical timbre, it’ll suck you in. What a great album.

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